Sunday Scaries in the Kitchen: Tacos edition

So you get to Sunday, maybe you went too hard on Saturday night or maybe you just were so chill the weekend got away from you and it’s Sunday Night and you forgot to go to the store or put in your FreshDirect order 🀑🀑🀑(imagine the clowns from IT, legit Sunday scaries). 

Well, the weekend got away from me, between my naps and brunches I just couldn’t get it together and get a FreshDirect order in, I did have a time slot at some point but that was short lived. 

This is the Sunday Scary Fridge here. Notice there is nothing of substance to eat. But not so fast young grasshopper! 

In the depths of the chasm that is the Sunday Scary Fridge (also known as the Milennial Fridge) I found a portabello mushroom, some brusselsprouts shreds, and some tofu. 

So, what did I cook it in you ask? A little single egg frying pan paired with butter’s best friend, ghee. 

So tablespoon of ghee, brusselsprouts, portobello mushroom, tofu, salt, pepper, and a little turmeric and pop and a pot pan lid over it until the mushrooms become soft!

Pour it on your tortilla of choice (if your curious mine is paleo – it’s made out of coconut meat 😐😳 I don’t know I found it on Amazon.) 

I’m not good at taking pictures of my food. 


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