Tinfoil Pocket Heaven

If you hate cleaning and scraping pots and pans and that’s keeping you from cooking… no more!! Let me intoroduce you to the beauty of TINFOIL!

So, this weekend my parents asked me to go out with them to our beach house… it’s the first week of April, it’s raining sideways, I get cold very easily – have I mentioned you have to take a ferry to get there? 

Somehow the convince me to go even though the water is not turned on yet because it’s April and it’s a beach house, duh. 

So, I’m in my fully functioning plumbing house seeing what my fridge has that I can bring so that I don’t starve as well as freeze and implode (from having to pee, didn’t think it needed to be said but ya never know). 

It’s the end of the week and we are running low but we had to throw into the cooler and take with us on our adventure (of course) Kerrygold Butter, organic thin sliced chicken breasts (that I had defrosted the other day and were about to go bad) and a couple of zucchini! (And for you carb-ers out there I had some left over rice I threw in for the ‘rents). 

Fast forward to opening the house up on the island. There are boxes everywhere, mouse traps (that we kept stepping on) everywhere, there’s no water so we all have to take turns pumping the boat toilet and going to the neighbors with a pitcher for water (and to use the loo) – we setting up the house and we were having a great time … until we got hungry. 

Cardinal sin when you have no running water (besides the obvious) dirty dishes. So I applied my Girl Scout skillz (yes, skillz) and fashioned a tinfoil “pocket”. Basically, I had a casserole dish and filled it with tinfoil (make sure the sides are high enough so you can bring them together on top if you are cooking for one or two, if you are cooking for a larger group use a cookie sheet and use two pieces of tinfoil) and then put my veggies and meat and #butter in there!

Creating a really airtight pocket is not really the most critical part, creating a leakproof one is! This reduces clean up, and if you are cooking for yourself, you can use the tinfoil pocket as a tinfoil bowl and #hack tinfoil doesn’t get as hot for some unknown magical/scientific reason as metal does (but steam and food are still pretty hot so watch out for those). 

So what did we learn today? Any vegetable, butter (or oil), meat (I’ve done it with fish and chicken so far) in a tinfoil pocket at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven baked for 30 (fish) to 45 (chicken) is tasty, simple, and most importantly DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY POTS OR PANS! Can I get an Amen?!

Ps. Please put ur tinfoil pocket on a cookie sheet or in a casserole dish in the off chance your pinching wasn’t efficient or some other freak accident. Also don’t be afraid to #spiceitup


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