Let’s Get Fancy: Veal Scalopini

So I just got my FreshDirect order this morning and am I excited. My fridge was looking a little sad and empty.  So on the menu for tonight – Butter seared veal scaloppini with zoodles and marinara!

Veal scaloppini is great because it’s about the same price as steak, but sounds so much fancier and is so easy to cook because it’s so thin!  Once again, if you are in the New York Metro area or have access to Peapod just order a half pound of veal scaloppini if not you have to go to the GROCERY STORE!

Let’s get our list:

  1. Veal Scaloppini (ask a butcher, or look for it in the red meat section)
  2. Zoodles (most grocery stores slash FreshDirect sells pre Zoodled zoodles (zucchini noodles) but if you have a spiralizer and are feeling really like an overachiever have at it, you’ll want one zucchini per serving (I think, I use the prezoodled so idk you as an overachiever are on your own)
  3. Your fav pasta sauce (if you don’t have one because you don’t buy pasta sauce, a good intro to pasta sauce is the Classico Brand, I like the Arrabbiata (it spiccccyy)!  But today I am using Lucini’s Rustic Tomato Basil, it’s organic and doesn’t have any added sugar.
  4. Parmesan for sprinklin’
  5. Kerrygold BUTTER (mmmmmm butter)

Let’s get cooking!!!

  1. Sautee your zoodles in some butter (:
  2. Add your pasta sauce of choice to the zoodles once they are the consistency you want
  3. While your sauce is heating up on your zoodles, heat up a frying pan or skillet, throw on a good wallop of butter, let the butter melt.
  4. Throw on the veal, a min a side.
  5. Get your plate ready, spoon some saucy zoodles onto your plate, throw your butter-licious veal scaloppini then sprinkle with some parm.
  6. Boom. Fancy ass dinner is served.



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