Lenten Fish Friday

Lenten Fish Friday

This first post goes out to Jessie!

Friday. Let’s make some salmon.  I like wild caught Alaskan coho salmon cooked in butter and lemon with a little salt and pepper and some frozen broccoli.  I’m going to walk you through buying and making the fish, so don’t freak out I know it is scary.

Step 1: Buying Your Fish

Where do you find it in the grocery store?  Yes, you could go to the fishmonger (it’s like the butcher but for fish) and ask for a fillet of salmon (or just ask for one or however many servings you’ll need and they’ll know how much to give you and if they don’t – run they are not a real fishmonger).  Or, you could go to the frozen section and grab a bag of frozen salmon fillets (preferably wild caught), the overall price will be a little steep but you will then have a supply of fish for all your Lenten Fridays (YAY CHRISTIANITY)!

Common fish questions:

a. Why is wild caught so important? Because farmed fish, even sustainably farmed fish, is fed corn so your basically eating corn, or if your eating shitty salmon you’re probably eating bugs and other sources of ‘protein’ (aka meat surplus).


Plus, look at the difference, the wild is dark (a sign of higher nutrients) and denser.  Farmed salmon is basically the fast food version of fish.  Now that you know this, in restaurants, make sure if they say its wild-caught it looks like it.

b. Is fresh always better than frozen? Yes and no.  If you plan on eating it, yes go for it.  But you really don’t want stinky fish in your fridge and fish doesn’t last that long unfrozen.  So you might as well buy the cheaper frozen version and defrost it yourself than the probably pre-defrosted that’s under the glass.

c. What is pre-defrosted? That is what I call ‘previously frozen’ fish, check the prices versus the frozen bags and take the cheaper option, or the quicker option.  It really depends on how hungry you are.

Now that we have the fish, we have to get the rest of the shit.

  1. Lemons
  2. Butter (grass-fed Kerrygold)
  3. frozen broccoli
  4. tinfoil

A brief interlude on my deep, passionate love of Kerrygold grass-fed butter: 

Being on a ketogenic diet, I’m all about the fats and debunking the low-fat diet fad.  So I’m going to pull a ‘Finding Nemo’ on you.

Butter, good BUTTER (see my rant about shit they feed animals above), grass-fed butter, tastes awesome, makes your food taste amazing and is good for you!!!!! Eating healthy fats (like grass-fed butter) lowers your sugar cravings (which are also carb cravings to my bread lovers out there).  So Butter is your friend!!! REPEAT DAILY! “Grass-fed Butter is my friend!!!”

That is why if you are starting this journey with me you will have to get over the ‘fat fear’.  I’ll admit, I had a fear of whole fat things, I would shutter to even think about eating a whole fat dairy product but now I’m a butter lover and a whole fat convert and it is my mission to slowly but surely convert you all.  So go buy a big block of the Gold wrapped Kerrygold Butter in the butter section and get ready to chop some big chunks off of it.

Step 2: Making the Fish

  1. Turn on your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you want one of your shelves to be in the middle (this also works in a toaster oven!!)
  2.  Lay out a piece of tinfoil long enough to fold over onto itself to create a pocket around your salmon(s) fillets on a cookie sheet
  3. Lay out the salmon fillet(s) skin side down (if they just gave you one big piece that is fine just lay it out on the tinfoil)
  4. Cut a few chunks of butter (I usually do three chunks (tbsps) per fillet) and lay them on top of the salmon
  5. Cut up your lemon cocktail style and squeeze over salmon, then throw haphazardly on top
  6. Finish off with Salt and Pepper to your liking
  7. Fold over the tinfoil and make a ‘seal’ so all the juices and steam get caught in the tinfoil (and so you don’t have to clean the cookie sheet when you are done)
  8. Cook for 20-25 mins!

YOU DID IT!!! YOU COOKED FISH!!! You’re like a real adult now.

To finish off your meal just nuke your broccoli (I like the ones that you can steam in the bags – organic if possible) add a chunk of butter!!


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